Welcome to Allergic to Earth


If you’re a part of the food allergic community, you probably know what it’s like to always be prepared for the worst. Whether you carry an EpiPen, provide an allergy card at restaurants, prepare safe treats for every event, or check the ingredients label just one more time – you know that there is risk with every bite you take.

Living a life where you have to ask 21 questions about every meal you consume is not easy. You’ll want to kiss the waiter who actually understands cross-contamination, and you’ll want to cry when they assume that any food restriction means you must be gluten-free.

This difficulty multiplies if the food restricted life is new to you. A completely new world is revealed when discovering that you have food allergies as an adult or when having a child with food allergies. The world we once knew does not cater to the food allergic individuals, and this blog was created to help you navigate the new planet when you’re allergic to earth.